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Childrens playtime

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default Childrens playtime

Post  zannie on Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:29 am

The Scotsman

21 November 2007

Parents feeling pressure of the McCann factor


Treasure wrote:

that's a good article and I agree with everything in it.

It's so tough for parents these days, but I for one am determined that my children will be allowed some freedom growing up, as I was.

I will let them play outside alone when they get a bit older. I fully intend to let them walk the three minutes to the kindergarten (once I've followed them a couple of times!) and I will not be breathing down their necks 24/7.

I will educate them as best I can about stranger danger, without putting the fear of God into them.

Oh, and I'll happily put them into the kids club when on holiday, because I know they will LOVE it, and I will love it too

That doesn't make me a bad parent though!

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