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Post  zannie on Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:03 am

I was in the chemists today and spotted this on the shelf. Thought it was a great idea and not too expensive. It is an electronic child locator.


Hey Ewe

That looks a like a winner. If only every mother was given one of these when each child is born. Maybe then there would not be so much of this kids going missing as easily as they do.

I think that the hospitals should have these things in stock, that way the mothers are given the chance of buying one after birth and they have them for when their kiddies are walking etc.


At the price they are quoting they could be given away in "Bounty Packs."
Great advertising ploy.

Watch this space, The Pound Shop will have stocks of them soon.


Yeah thats true Ewe. Pound shop lol

The first time I went into one of these shops in Partick, I went to the desk and asked how much the item was...............................duh!!! lol

Still think its a great idea though.


These are also available in pink. Picasso had given me a website for this many months ago. The link is;

I bought them for my kids. I think it's useful when going to busy areas. The only problem is they have to wear a type of shoe for the locator to attach to. It is not just a clip, which makes sense. It is on securely.

I think that it would be a good idea to write to Maternity hospitals, Yorkhill /Queen Mothers hospital and every childrens hospital and ask them to stock things like this.

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