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STEVE CARTER AKA MARX PANAMA BARNES - Hawaii - 21/06/77 -- He recogonised himself from an age progressed photo of what he might look like aged 28 on Missing Kids Website.

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default STEVE CARTER AKA MARX PANAMA BARNES - Hawaii - 21/06/77 -- He recogonised himself from an age progressed photo of what he might look like aged 28 on Missing Kids Website.

Post  Twiglet on Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:39 pm

Daily Mail

17 April 2012

'I got chills when I saw it was me': Man, 35, discovers he was kidnapped as a baby while searching missing persons website (and sees what they thought he would look like as an adult)

Discovery: Carter (left, at three weeks old) was adopted aged four and moved to New Jersey. He looked online for clues to his past and found a picture (middle) as he would look aged 28 on a missing children's site, (right) steve as he looks today aged 35 years.

Steve Carter had always had questions about his childhood: why was his birth certificate created a year after his birth; who were his real parents?
Yet the 35-year-old, who was adopted aged four, was stunned when a simple internet search revealed a past that threw up even more questions.
After reading about Carlina White, an Atlanta woman who discovered she was snatched from a Harlem hospital as a baby, Carter decided to conduct his own search.

And he was stunned when he found a picture on of what a baby named Marx Panama Barnes would look like now - and realised it was him.
'I got chills,' Carter, who lives in Philadelphia, told People magazine. 'I was like, "Holy c**p, it's me".'
He discovered that he had been born in Hau'ula, Hawaii, but had gone missing with his mother, Charlotte Moriarty, when he was six months old.
His mother had disappeared before, but after she failed to return after three weeks, her partner and Carter's father, Mark Barnes, reported the pair missing.
Speaking to People magazine, Barnes said he never knew what had happened to his girlfriend and baby son on June 21, 1977.
'I spent about a year and a half going crazy driving around the island,' Barnes, now 61, said. 'It was rough.'

Now Carter has discovered that his mother took him to a stranger's home, where she gave police a fake name and birth date for her son.

She was taken to a psychiatric hospital and Carter was put in protective care, People reported. But she vanished a few days later - and has never been found.

With Moriarty missing and a fake name stunting any investigation, Carter became a ward of the state and he was placed in an orphanage 30 miles from where he had lived with his parents.

Three years later, he was introduced to Steve and Pat Carter. 'It was love at first sight,' Pat said.
Yet despite a comfortable upbringing with the couple in a south suburb of New Jersey, he was racked with questions about his childhood. It led him to his life-changing discovery online.



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default Re: STEVE CARTER AKA MARX PANAMA BARNES - Hawaii - 21/06/77 -- He recogonised himself from an age progressed photo of what he might look like aged 28 on Missing Kids Website.

Post  pam supportfromireland on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:05 pm

wow what a story. Unreal for all involved.

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pam supportfromireland
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